2019 年4月1日をもって、株式会社UKC ホールディングスと株式会社バイテックホールディングスは経営統合を実現し、株式会社レスターホールディングスとして新たなスタートを切りました。
  近年、エレクトロニクス業界は、「市場の成熟化と新興企業の参入」、「IoT / AI の進展」、「ニーズの多様化・高度化」といった大きな環境変化の中にあります。
  このような環境下、私たちはいち早く国内業界トップクラスの規模を確立し、高付加価値を創出することで、企業価値の向上、社会発展への貢献を図ってまいります。また、業界の再編において自ら主導的な役割を果たすとともに、高い企業理念に基づく新たなビジネスの創出や他社との共創等により、世界市場を視野に入れた1 兆円企業の実現に向けた更なる規模の拡大も推し進めてまいります。

栗田 伸樹
今野 邦廣

 On April 1, 2019, UKC Holdings Corporation and VITEC Holdings Co., Ltd. merged to form Restar Holdings Corporation.
 In recent years, the environment surrounding the electronics industry has undergone major changes, characterized by maturing markets and the entrance of new companies,
 progress in the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), and increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs.
 Against this backdrop, we are working to swiftly establish a leading position in the Japanese market and create high added value. As a result, we expect to enhance our corporate value and contribute to society’s evolution. We also aim to play a leading role in the reorganization of our industry and expand our operations further. By creating new businesses based on our sophisticated corporate philosophy and collaborating with other companies, we intend to become a ¥1 trillion company with a global market perspective.
 Restar Holdings aims to become a comprehensive trading company in the electronics field. To do so, we will leverage group-wide human resources and expertise across our four areas of business: semiconductors and electronic components, procurement, electronic equipment, and the environment and energy.
 Through this integration, we have taken the first step toward major innovation. Going forward, each and every employee will continue to strive with creativity and ingenuity as we continue in this vein.
 We would like to ask for your continuing support in the years to come.

President, and Group COO
Nobuki Kurita
Chairman, and Group CEO
Kunihiro Konno